About Me:



I have never been the HR Professional that waits politely for the invite to sit at the table. In fact, most of the time I could care less about getting a seat at the table. In a little over 10 years of HR experience, as a recruiter, an HRIS analyst, a generalist, a business partner, I have learned to bring my talent where it’s not only needed but wanted. And not the type of HR talent that requires the tactical stuff that keeps the lights on, but the dirty, challenging HR talent that makes a company a super awesome place to work for their employees.
In my own little sphere of the world, I try and do this not only in my practice but via writing, check out my blog: hrwithattitude.com and if you have a juicy HR question, get up with me at jessica.r.millerhr@gmail.com.



About My Blog:

HR, or Human Resources, is the department charged with maximizing people outcomes to support business success.

In psychology, attitude is an expression of favor or disfavor towards a person, place, thing or event.

HR With Attitude is the study of HR as a science, it is the practice of transforming knowledge and competencies into actions and delivering on outcomes.

HR With Attitude doesn’t wait for the invite to a seat at the table , HR With Attitude builds our own damn table.